Aug 19, 2014

adaptTo: The Lazy AEM developer

Posted by Feike Visser

At the adaptTo-conference of this year I will do a session around Sightly and Sling models called : The Lazy AEM developer.

I will give you a brief abstract what I will do in my session, but I won't reveal too much here :-)


In several conferences Sightly and Sling models have been presented around what they are and how you can (or might) be using them.

In my session I want to go to the next phase, and talk about the experiences in the field when to real-life projects with those now technologies. And the good thing of real projects is real deadlines and real pressure to make it work.

The combination of Sightly and Sling models is a nice way to separate concerns between the component logic and more complex logic.

All of this combined with the "lazy" approach of doing things.

To me it is still too early to already announce best practices after such a short period, but for sure I will guide you through practices (and this might be good one for you).

My session is at the second day, and later that afternoon there is a test/hacking session where you can play around with the code samples I have presented in my session. I will also be there to help and/or answer questions you may have.

I am excited to present at adaptTo, and I hope to see you there!