May 22, 2014

It’s Here! The New Adobe Experience Manager

Posted by Loni Stark

“It is good to have an end to jour­ney toward; but it is the jour­ney that mat­ters, in the end.” — Ernest Hem­ing­way

With everyone’s support last year, we were recognized by both Gartner and Forrester as the leaders in Web Content Management for digital experiences. For those of us at Adobe who spend our waking hours thinking about how we create something that is simple, powerful and also expresses the ideas of creatives and marketers in its truest, most human way through the seemingly fragmented digital devices and channels, the validation was a thrill. 

It was also the moment we punched ourselves in the stomach. 

This was not the occasion to succumb to rest comfortably on our laurels. Instead it was the moment to accelerate our product innovation and focus relentlessly on what mattered, the success of all of you who have invested in Adobe Experience Manager. You who help transform the way your organizations interact with your customers in this world crowded with digital devices and content. Each initiative that goes live on Experience Manager is a story of the partnership between marketers, technologists to grow the business through digital customer experiences that build brand, drive demand and foster customer loyalty.

Today, we’re proud to announce the availability of the most significant release of Adobe Experience Manager. I recently outlined the key innovations in the latest Experience Manager. Most importantly, we’ve invested in:

  • Making it faster and more simple to launch, update and optimize websites, mobile sites, and even on-site experiences. We recognize that sometimes you’re working on a major site launch, and at other times you only need to spin up a microsite quickly.
  • Giving you a modern digital asset management solution that speaks “multi-channel.” It optimizes not only asset sharing and reuse, but also media delivery for dynamic images and video.
  • Helping you create more thoughtful and effective customer engagement with mobile apps. We did this with the industry’s first solution for both marketers and developers: Adobe Experience Manager Apps.
  • Providing mobile forms and workflows that business users can design, and customers or constituents can access on mobile devices.

All of these innovations exist on a unified platform with shared assets, workflows and support for team collaboration through Projects. Projects is a bold new capability meant to help you overcome the challenges of delivering united digital experiences across devices and channels so your brand can ultimately connect with customers.

While in London at Adobe Summit EMEA this past week, I was reminded of where this journey started and how far we’ve come. I had the pleasure of presenting with Pictet, one of the first-ever Experience Manager users from 1998 (long before it was named Experience Manager). The talk focused on the future of web experience management. I’m proud that through all the market changes, we have relationships and collaborations that continue to endure and flourish.

Thanks to everyone who has placed their trust not only in the product, but also in the Adobe team to continue to innovate and help you reinvent.

I hope you’ll join myself and Cedric Huesler, group product manager of Adobe Experience Manager, on May 28th for a lively discussion and demo of the new Experience Manager. You can learn more here.

This post was previously published on the Adobe Digital Marketing blog, May 22, 2014.