May 30, 2014

AEM6 Maven dependencies simplicity

Posted by Feike Visser

Normally when a new version of CQ/AEM is released then you always have to go through the process around what Maven dependencies you have to upgrade etc.

With AEM6 this has become a lot simpler!

Now with AEM6 there is just one big Maven dependency that you need to add to your project, and you are good to go!


Comment from @DrewGlass :

"This is not specific to Maven. It can be used with any build tool. In Gradle, it would be:






  • By Konrad Windszus - 5:00 PM on Jun 03, 2014   Reply
    What about TLDs? Those are necessary to allow the IDE to validate tags within JSPs.
  • By Matthew Sullivan - 6:51 PM on Jun 05, 2014   Reply
    I think these are case sensitive, groupId, and artifactId...

    • By photowonder - 12:07 AM on Jun 09, 2014   Reply
      • By máy phát điện - 2:44 AM on Jun 13, 2014   Reply
        New version of CQ / AEM is whacked, and was upgraded to improve
        • By giấy phép trang tin điện tử - 2:46 AM on Jun 13, 2014   Reply
          CQ is a new version of the upgrade will improve the best for everyone, and always improving technology, thanks adobe connected.
          • By cao bi dao - 2:56 AM on Jun 13, 2014   Reply
            I think this is the best case improvement of groupId and artifactId
            • By rut ham cau - 2:59 AM on Jun 13, 2014   Reply
              I really like the new version of CQ / AEM because quite strong, and has been upgraded to improve the best, thanks very much adobe

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