Feb 27, 2014

AEM Hub 2014: AEM 5.6.1 e-Commerce Integration

Posted by Meryll Blanchet

The days of building a simple static website from editorial content for passive visitors are long gone. End-user behaviors and expectations have evolved, they do not want to read simple content anymore. Rather they want to see, feel, experience, share and socialize the content. Our customers are now able to use this passion from consumers to build new sales channels to move away from the desktop to engage with their customers through mobile websites and applications, in order to build their brand, sell more, better, and increase revenue.

At the same time, new challenges appeared for us developers. Being a CMS expert is not sufficient anymore to successfully design and implement websites. E-Commerce, checkout, shopping cart but also multi-channel, campaign, call-to-action or analytics, are some of the key topics that developers must be knowledgeable on. Each of these topics come with their own challenges when designing and implementing the solution.

Recently, I had the chance to work for a variety of customers from different industries on e-Commerce projects. I also had the opportunity to meet and discuss with customers, partners or colleagues who were working on similar projects. Though this experience I have found that regardless of the industry, the business requirements or experience level of the technical stakeholders, the same questions are raised every time. There are so many options that at times it is difficult to settle on what is the best path for a successful design and implementation.

How do we integrate e-Commerce solutions in AEM? How can we use and extend the e-Commerce framework according to the customer requirements? What are the challenging technical points? I hope you will join my session at AEM Hub 2014 in London, on the 9th and 10th April  as we discuss the complex and vast e-Commerce topic. And stay tuned, as I will post additional articles on this topic, here on the Experience Delivers Blog.