Dec 10, 2013

Custom handbag maker creates WYSWIG design website that leaves no one confused: Adobe Variable Imaging drives kickass product configurator

Posted by Andrew Hathaway

Henry Ford once famously quipped you can get that car in any color, as long as it is black. In the beginning and well into the mechanized industrial age, consumers were limited to a few choices of product colors, namely those that the product manufacturer felt would sell. And with the advent of the internet, we can now easily shop for those limited choices of product colors online!

If you want to buy some highly customized version of a product, that single car is 5 different colors, the web experience of creating and then seeing the customized product has often been disappointing because it’s not as simple as displaying product X in one of three color choices anymore. The problem with displaying highly customized products lies in creating the gigantic number images needed to describe all the potential variations of any complex design. The solution lies in creating any image of a series of design choices dynamically, upon request.

Custom handbag maker 1154 LILL Studio offers a large assortment of handbags to choose from. But Lill Studio is actually a bespoke handbag design system, encouraging visitors to customize a handbag design by choosing from a huge assortment of fabric choices for the various parts of any handbag. And as you’d expect, it is insanely fun to build your handbag and see the results of your choices instantly on your computer screen.

LILL STUDIO uses the Adobe Scene7 Visual Configurator tool to dynamically render an image in real time so whenever a product design choice is made, whenever a customer selects a piece of the handbag to design, the fabric choice is rendered instantly on that portion of the image. These renders are generated from specific URL calls which tell the render server to render a fabric tile onto a portion of the image whenever that URL request is made, in real time.

LILL STUDIO’s use of the Adobe Scene7 Render Server elegantly ties together its power to render a special graphic file, called a Vignette file, mapping on to any handbag area a seamless fabric tile motif, via a URL call. Any rendered handbag image on the website is an instant version the handbag vignette file rendered with fabric tile image. The Susan handbag allows for 4 pieces to be designed with the choice of 126 fabrics to choose from. If you had to create a single image for each of those design combinations without the use of dynamic rendering, that would require the creation of 252,047,376 separate images (126 to the 4th power). Ugh. Adobe Scene7 Render Serving is a great solution for dynamically rendering any permeation of customer design choice.

As we edge ever closer to the world of hover cars and transporter beams promised to us, I’m excited that companies in the business of customized product creation, like LILL STUDIO demonstrates so well, are offering exciting online experiences to actually see what you are ordering before you press the buy button.