Oct 03, 2013

Social Sharing, improved cross-platform experiences, and streamlined workflows with the latest release of Scene7

Posted by Vebeka Guess

We are pleased to announce the latest release of Adobe Scene7, part of Adobe Experience Manager. The release includes enhanced mobile, social and video captioning features — you can design more efficiently for mobile devices, increase awareness with social sharing, and streamline your creative workflow.

Key enhancements in this release include:

Social Sharing to extend reach—Now your customers can email, link, embed, and share videos and product images to their social networks, including Facebook and Twitter, with social sharing links embedded in viewers. 

Video Captioning – Video captioning can be enabled for localization and accessibility in HTML5 video players. 

This example gives you a visual example of how social sharing and video captioning can be enabled.


HTML5 Viewer Enhancements so you can design once and deliver to every device — The Scene7 out-of-the-box viewers and viewer SDKs for zoom, mixed-media, video (including captioning) and eCatalog are all now available in HTML5, and have been updated with a UI refresh to reflect the latest in design standards.

Additional Product Enhancements to streamline workflow – Enhancements include automated multi-axis spin set generation, scheduled asset publishing, and search performance optimization.

Watch for the new Scene7 release in early October for North America, with data center deployments scheduled for Europe and Asia shortly thereafter.

You can learn more here about how Adobe Experience Manager and Scene7 can help you deliver dynamic rich media across devices.


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