Sep 04, 2013

Sling IDE tooling at adaptTo() 2013

Posted by Robert Munteanu

As developers we are used to having better and faster development tools. If you're a developing with Sling, the classic 'my code is compiling' excuse won't give you time for a little swordfight, since the the build time is measured in seconds, rather than minutes. However, you might spend a little time deploying a JAR file containing your bundle or initial content from the command line.  Our goal is to remove the time you spend fiddling with command line tooling and let you work in an incremental fashion in your IDE.

In my Sling IDE tooling talk I will showcase the work done in the Sling community to build Eclipse tooling for Sling applications. Currently we support deploying both OSGi bundles and content - via Apache Jackrabbit FileVault, as well as connecting to Sling Launchpad instances in debug mode. I will also discuss the technical foundations of the tooling and future development directions.

The IDE tooling is in its early development stage, but it's stable and the current feature set is enough for productive use. We leverage established Open Source tools such as Apache Maven and Apache Jackrabbit FileVault to deploy content and code to a running Sling instance.

I'm looking forward to meeting you at adaptTo() 2013, Sept. 23-25 in Berlin, and discussing the current state and the future directions of the Sling IDE tooling. You can learn more about the event, read up on all of the sessions, and register to attend here.


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