Sep 13, 2013

HTL Extend and HTL Template Adobe@Adobe Behind the Scenes

Posted by Senol Tas

After publishing the Episode 2 "Give me back my Markup!" we got quite a momentum with the HTL Concept.

HTL is a new Templating engine and language implementation. HTL endeavours to supersede JSP as scripting language for Apache Sling and CQ/AEM components and strives to clearly separate presentation and logic concerns. Security measures such as XSS prevention are automatically applied. 

Another major advantage of HTL is that it is based purely on HTML5, thus allowing 3rd party agencies to focus on design related parts of a CQ/AEM project without CQ/AEM knowledge. HTL is not limited to Java environments, through the pluggable compiler interface it can be implemented on many different platforms such as node.js and php.

The refactor Teams are already developing components based on HTL. We received many request to opensource it, thus we started the processes and will make it available for you soon.

HTL is evolving more and more from a concept state to something seroius, you can expect a proper renaming soon. Stay tuned. 

Episode 3 - HTL Extend

At the Evovle'13 conference I presented HTL the first time to a live audience. The Feedback and Input was amazing and it really looks like you can benefit a great deal from our internal efforts.

In this episode I am introducing the HTL Extend block statement and answering the question if you can mix existing JSP code with HTL


Episode 4 - HTL Template

In the latest episode I am inroducing the HTL Template block statement and how how you can do recursions with HTL.