Sep 06, 2013

adaptTo() 2013 : Apache Sling in the Last 12 Months and Job Processing

Posted by Carsten Ziegeler

If you want to get first hand information about Apache Sling, make sure to attend this year’s edition of adaptTo() in Berlin. I'm really looking forward to this event. This year I'll present a tour through the milestones of Apache Sling during the last 12 months. So learn what's happened and join for looking into the potential future of Sling and the innovations to come in the next months. This year, we'll cover a lot of different exciting new topics with some sneak peaks.

One major new feature of this year is the new discovery module which allows to describe topologies of instances, ranging from clustered installations to more heterogenous topologies. For the first time, this new API give's the possibility to introspect the topology and make use if it. I'll present this new feature together with the new improved job handling of Sling which uses the new topology information.

The OSGi event admin by design is an ad-hoc publish-subscribe delivery mechanism which gives you now guarantee of delivery or processing. In addition, it has no support for instance to instance messaging. Sling's eventing module adds all theses features and supports processing of messages exactly once. Powered by the new discovery module, the improved job handling can distribute job execution in a cluster or more advanced installation scenarios. I'll cover all of the above in my talk, explaining all the details about the job handling.

But these are just two sessions for adaptTo() - check out the web site for all the great stuff happening and be there to meet the community.