Aug 13, 2013

Adobe Experience Manager at Volkswagen

Posted by Adobe

A central Web content management system can help reduce costs, while also improving customer experiences.

Accordingly, Volkswagen AG is moving all of its media objects to a central system where its global marketing force can easily locate photos, video clips, sound files, and documents. The result gives customers on each global website the ability to research, review, and even design what could be their next car.

And the solution that makes it possible is Adobe Experience Manager, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud. Extensive automation eliminates manual processes—including gathering information and materials—and reduces potential sources for error. The result is consistent global experiences that don’t limit local creativity.

Christian Adam, Head of Rollout-Teams, Volkswagen AG, says, “With Adobe Experience Manager, we can very quickly enter new markets with an appealing Internet presence—with a high degree of flexibility—while helping ensure a globally uniform appearance.”

You can check out Volkswagen AG’s full story here.