Jul 09, 2013

A Perspective on Experience-driven Commerce: Disrupting the eCommerce Industry

Posted by Adobe

Guest post from Mark Bartlett, Crown Partners

Customer experience is not a new concept to Adobe or to the users of Adobe Experience Manager. However, in the eCommerce industry, a new focus on experience is now driving innovation and change. Multi-channel retailing was a start as many retailers moved to add eCommerce capabilities for tablets and mobile devices, developed channels for social communities and created unique branded content experiences. Yet by its very nature the multi-channel approach created bifurcation and branched the audience to different destinations for different needs. Recently, the shift has been to unify content, community and commerce into experience-driven solutions as shoppers come to expect a frictionless and highly-personalized presentation across every channel. Brands that deliver against this expectation create and facilitate deep emotional connections with their consumers.

One year ago, Adobe announced a partnership with hybris, a leading eCommerce platform, paving the way for the future of commerce by driving this shift towards experience-based solutions. Fast-forward to the present day and hybris more recently announced core integrations with Adobe Analytics, a key component of Adobe Marketing Cloud

As partners of Adobe and hybris, we began to ask ourselves what does the future of commerce look like, and how can Adobe and hybris technologies really work together to demonstrate what an experience-driven commerce site does differently from a traditional eCommerce site.

I’ve enjoyed working with Adobe to help to try and answer these questions and last week we started to scratch the surface on its WEM Wednesday Webinar – Put the True ‘e’ Back into Your Commerce. For those who missed it, it’s available on demand here. In the webinar, I take the audience through a short video Crown has created to demonstrate experience-driven commerce. I encourage you to watch it as it shows what’s now possible. Through the view of three typical user personas it depicts an exciting future and disruption of the thinking that has long pervaded as the standard view of eCommerce.

This is an exciting year for Adobe and online retailers as harnessing the power of "experience" will become a priority for chief executives in both marketing and commerce channels. Although still in its infancy, experience-driven commerce will disrupt conventional thinking while still adhering to best practices as eCommerce matures into the prime touch point between brands and consumers. Early adopters of the practice will gain audience and influence as it focuses on what the customer wants - a personal relationship with a brand and an experience that aligns, augments and ultimately transcends traditional channels. Experience-driven commerce is also the prime center for innovation in our industry when Adobe is at the center of customer experience and hybris seamlessly delivers best-in-class commerce capabilities.

Let me know your thoughts on the video and if you think experience-driven commerce is truly a disruptor and a glimpse at the future of commerce.


Mark Bartlett started as a programmer in the early web days of 1994. He now leads Customer Experience Management at Crown, an eBusiness firm that helps clients attract, acquire and retain customers through content, commerce, communications and analytics.