Jun 19, 2013

Furniture Row: A ‘responsive’ way to shop

Posted by Adobe

Furnishing a room is all about getting the right look. So is selling furniture online.

The specialty stores of Furniture Row use Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions to get the right look—for any device and any screen size. Dynamic media capabilities in Adobe Experience Manager help Furniture Row efficiently create rich, customizable interactive experiences that increase customer engagement and conversion. A single set of master assets is used and optimized for any device. That means all customers can get the same quality experience no matter the device or channel they choose to shop for home furnishings.

“We designed our website to complement our in-store experiences and empower customers to get all the information they need,” says Noah Linge, Furniture Row’s director of digital marketing. “As in our stores, the goal is to offer consumers 100% satisfying experiences online. Dynamic media capabilities in Adobe Experience Manager help make this a reality.”

So far, Furniture Row has realized double-digit increases in the amount of time spent on its sites that used Experience Manager dynamic media capabilities. And its optimized mobile experience has reduced bounce rates while increasing the number of customers who share purchase news or other information from Furniture Row on social media.