Jun 10, 2013

AEM CQGems - June 12th: Launches: Concurrent preparation of multiple versions of a website (AEM 5.6)

Posted by Adobe

Today, web launches can become major headaches for many organizations.  Coordinating between authors and technologists requires a careful plan to have a successful launch. Whether launching a few pages, a revised site or multiple sites, Adobe Experience Manager 5.6 (AEM) enables organizations to more easily collaborate without impacting the day to day performance of their website(s).

See for yourself as Gilles Knobloch, Adobe Lead Developer, presents: “Launches: concurrent preparation of multiple versions of a website (AEM 5.6) “ In this session, Gilles will demonstrate how easy it is to utilize AEM to coordinate between authors to prepare for launch. You will learn how the basic mechanisms of this feature have been integrated into AEM for streamlining your launch incentives.

Join us Wednesday, June 12th at 8:00 a.m. PT!