May 02, 2013

Universal video, rich integration, dynamic personalization with the latest release of Scene7

Posted by Vebeka Guess

We’ve updated Adobe Scene7, now part of Adobe Experience Manager, and are excited to share the latest features with you. Our newest release includes enhanced features and tighter integration with Adobe Experience Manager to streamline campaign management, improve customer experience, and increase conversion.  

Key features included in the release are:

A new universal video player that enables you to design once in HTML5 and deliver video optimally to every device.  With the universal video player, Scene7 can automatically detect each viewer’s browser type and network bandwidth, and serve up the best viewing and playback experience.



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Richer integration with Adobe Experience Manager enables automatic transcoding, drag-and-drop web page authoring, and dynamic personalization tools.

Product enhancements that enable you to convert fonts to outlines, maintain source image format and color space during FXG conversion, knock out opaque image backgrounds on ingestion, and much more.

The latest release is live in North America as of May 2, 2013, with data center deployments scheduled for Europe and Asia shortly thereafter.  Here are more release details.

Learn more about how Experience Manager dynamic media (powered by Scene7) can help you deliver dynamic rich media across devices.