May 15, 2013

CQCON 2013: CQ Maven Methods – Mastering Development Workflows that Combine Adobe Experience Manager with Apache Maven and Git

Posted by Andrew Savory

CQCON is a month away, and I'm excited to be delivering a talk there on CQ Maven Methods.

Daunted by the complexity of starting or managing a project with Adobe CQ, now part of Adobe Experience Manager? Do you ever wonder what to do with the heap of project code you've just been given? How do you build it? How do you install it? How do you use it?

One of the biggest challenges in working with any technology is knowing where to begin, and having a good foundation upon which to build your work. It's even harder if you're working in a team, where you need all the developers to hit the ground running. You want to minimise the time spent on setup, initialisation, and on duplicating build infrastructures across laptops.

In my talk, I'll show you how to solve all these challenges. I will be covering how to use Apache Maven and Git to structure your projects involving the CQ capabilities of Adobe Experience Manager, to ensure you have a repeatable build that anyone can work with. I'll show you how Maven can simplify deployment of your code, and how you can keep all your work safe using Git – not just for collaborative development, but also for managing all aspects of your projects.

CQCON is shaping up to be the essential event for anyone working with Adobe Experience Manager. I look forward to seeing you all there!