May 16, 2013

CQCon 2013: Efficient content structures and queries in CQ5

Posted by Marcel Reutegger

As the size of an Adobe CQ5 instance (now part of Adobe Experience Manager) increases, the performance of an application on top of the CRX repository can become a bigger topic to focus on. In my talk at CQCON 2013 I will present some of the inner workings of CQ5 with CRX as the underlying repository and explain how a good content design helps to keep a CQ5 application fast and responsive.

Another area for performance optimization of a CQ5 application often also include JCR queries. During my talk I will present some of the tools available in Adobe Experience Manager that help you troubleshoot queries and provide an overview of commonly used JCR query features with the performance you can expect from them.

I'm looking forward to CQCON 2013 in Basel and hope to meet many of the CQ5 developers out there.