May 23, 2013

CQCON 2013: A mobile user interface love story

Posted by Damien Antipa

Once upon a time... CQ teamed up with Sencha's ExtJS to provide customers with good looking, feature rich web interfaces that felt much like desktop apps. But some paths lead to new roads. Adobe CQ (now part of Adobe Experience Manager)  has found a new love in the shiny new world of tablets and smart phones.

Join me at CQCON 2013 in Basel and I'll' introduce you to CQ's new love. I’ll explore the advantages that you will have in your future work environment and explain why Sencha ExtJS is still an important part of Adobe CQ. I’ll do a deep dive into the new touch optimized user experience interface, highlight its benefits and give you insight about the new opportunities coming. Our story will not end here, I will also give you a peek into future developments with RESTful touch friendly web applications with responsive layout and fast Javascript magic on top.