Apr 03, 2013

Crate & Barrel: A Company that began with a Dream

Posted by Vebeka Guess

“A company that began with a dream, one employee, and no cash register.” 

I suppose any number of companies could make this claim, but it might surprise you to know that this is proudly stated on one of the most well known retail home décor and furnishing brand’s eCommerce site. 

Yes, Crate & Barrel has come a long way since then.  What caught my eye recently is how they are innovating their online shopping experience by letting customers mix and match comforters, pillows, sheets and shams, to create their own customized bedding ensemble.  Seamlessly integrated with the shopping cart, you simply select the pattern, color or style you’d like to see, and an image of a fully made bed is instantly presented to you with your bedding choices.  

Crate&Barrel’s Customized bedding app lets you create the “bed of your dreams”.

It’s a fun way to shop, pretty much fool-proof, and now that I’ve created this bedding “look”, I want it!   I’m no longer shopping for alternatives, or sales, or only buying what I really need.   In my opinion, this vastly improves the shopping experience online, and to some, may become preferable to shopping in the store itself. 

How might this apply to your site?  Whether you are educating customers about your brand, products or services, giving them a way to visually interact with your site and “create” a version of what they are looking for increases engagement, loyalty, and satisfaction. 

Want to learn more?  Adobe Experience Manager personalized media capabilities give you the tools to enable real time photo-realistic visual customization with elegance, beauty, and scale.