Apr 02, 2013

Adobe Experience Manager (CQ) Developer Events 2013

Posted by Paolo Mottadelli

2013 is shaping up as explosive year for Adobe Experience Manager.  This is great news for CQ Developers around the globe.  Adobe is here to help by providing educational and knowledge sharing events like the CQ Gems webinar series.  We are very pleased to announce that Adobe is also sponsoring live events for developers across the world:

With 1 event in North America (Evolve) and 2 events in Europe (CQCON and adaptTo()), developers from around the world have a great opportunity to connect within their community, as well Adobe experts participating to those events.

In the full spirit of "the community for the community", all these events are organized and promoted by well-known Adobe partners, respectively: 3|Share (Evolve), Unic (CQCON), and pro!vision (adaptTo()). And in order to be in touch as closely as possible with the developer community, Adobe is eager and committed to participating with great sessions to all these events.

Here is a quick overview of each of the three conferences, listed in chronological order, with details about organizers, content, call for papers and registration.

CQCON - Basel, June 19-20

Content focus (from the official website): "CQCON will be a unique opportunity to aggregate CQ developers [...] to share their experiences, the best development tools and practices, and learn about the most demanded deep technical dives. These will include sessions on development practices, scaling & performance, front end and back end development and specific deep dives into some CQ features [...]"

Registration will open on April 16


Evolve - San Diego, August 26-28

Content focus (from the official website): "[...] the “Deploy” track is ideal for attendees looking to roll out CQ for the first time. The “Enhance” track will demonstrate how attendees can enrich their current CQ environment. The “Maximize” track is non-technical and will illustrate how the attendees can get the most from their CQ investment."


adaptTo() - Berlin, September 23-25

Content focus (from the official website): "adaptTo() is a technical meetup focused on the technical stack of Apache Sling including Apache Jackrabbit and Apache Felix and is addressed to all developers using this stack or parts of it. [...] additional sessions will cover commercial implementations like Adobe CQ and CRX, with particular focus on how these products leverage the architecture."

Registration will open in May


I hope that you are able to take advantage of these events to show case your expertise, expand your skills and your network.