Apr 08, 2013

Adobe named the Only Leader in Forrester Wave on Web Content Management for Digital Experience

Posted by Loni Stark

We are on an incredible journey—one that is transforming web content management and the role and impact of digital marketing.

Two and a half years ago, Adobe not only decided to run on a web content management system called CQ5, but we loved it so much, we acquired the small Swiss company that built CQ5, Day Software.

Today, it is clear that CQ5 is looking better than ever as the heart of Adobe Experience Manager, the content foundation of Adobe Marketing Cloud. Forrester Research, Inc.'s recognition of Adobe CQ as the only leader in the "The Forrester Wave™: Web Content Management For Digital Customer Experience, Q2 2013" is, in our opinion, a testament to this fact.

It's a major milestone. I am so proud of the team here at Adobe and grateful to our customer and partner community who have placed their trust in our product and people.

There are two particular words from report authors Stephen Powers and David Aponovich I want to focus on from the Forrester report. They speak to the strategy and execution of what we have been focused on these past couple of years. The words are not mobile, social or cloud. These words are really the means to an end.

The two words that stand out are "needs" and "imagination."

Needs: The definition of digital marketing is rapidly evolving and the demands have never been greater. Brand perceptions and customer interaction are increasingly happening online. Everyone in an organization is a digital marketer; web content management, the means for companies building their digital selves.

Organizations need to stand out to survive.

It's estimated in 2012, 1.8 zettabytes of content was created on the internet. More than 7 million times the entire digital asset collection stored by the US Library of Congress. Customers don't need more content or data—they need more relevant content based on desires expressed through data insights. Attention has become the scarce commodity online. To build brands that drive demand in the evermore-crowded digital world, organizations need a web experience management solution that helps them capture customer attention and stay relevant.

It is this need that we have focused on. We've made Adobe Experience Manager even easier-to-use for marketers while striving for the most powerful capabilities. We have kept to the principles of ease-of-integration from our open source foundation, while innovating rapidly across mobile, social and video to give organizations the time-to-market they need.

Imagination: Imagination is powerful. I was reminded of a Dr. Seuss quote recently, "It's not about what it is, it's about what it can become." Web content management software should expand the imagination, not limit it. We strive to build technology that gets out of the way. Technology that lets marketers and organizations create the purest expression of their imagination and to gain the most visceral reaction from the audience.

Digital marketing and technology is evolving faster than ever. Today, mobile, social and video are critical channels for marketers. Because of this, our latest release of Adobe Experience Manager came out with innovations around responsive design, richer social community support and inclusion of Adobe Scene7 video as part of the offering. However, tomorrow, there will be other ways to engage with customers that we have yet to dream of.

As the digital world changes, know that the Adobe team will stay relentlessly focused on your needs as customers and partners and make technology that gets out of the way, so you can unleash your imagination.

I'd encourage you to check out a complimentary copy of the full Forrester report, which we've made available here. We also distributed a press release today with additional details.

Two final words: Thank you.

Loni Stark (@lonistark), director of Product and Industry Marketing