Mar 07, 2013

Solving the digital asset management challenge - from creation up to the last millisecond of delivery

Posted by Elliot Sedegah

Marketers are well aware of the effectiveness of digital assets.   As a matter of fact, we love them. The digital product photography, marketing banners, and video and other rich media we use to promote our products, services, or brand can have a positive effect on our bottom line if shown to the right customer, through the right channel, at the right time.  

But as our customers’ appetites for these digital assets increase, so does the cost and complexity of managing and delivering these assets - especially in a world where customers appear to be adopting devices with screens of all sizes (desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.)

The process of shepherding assets from a creative team, going through multiple reviews and approvals, and then finally delivering those assets across a diverse set of channels isn't such a breeze.  

With the new release of Adobe® Experience Manager DAM, we united this process from creation to delivery.  

 Uniting Creative and Marketing


We decided to heavily invest in a collaboration solution to solve this problem – from end to end.  In this release, we deepened the connections between Adobe Experience Manager DAM and theAdobe® Creative Cloud.  Now organizations can easily collaborate on assets created with desktop applications, such as Adobe Photoshop®, Illustrator®, and InDesign® and have those assets readily available in a managed DAM.

Customers can take advantage of all of Adobe's products and work seamlessly - among digital agencies, advertising agencies, and internal teams within their organization  - to drive their business with creative content. With the Adobe Creative Cloud, they can use our creative tools to create and share their most current version of creative content.  With Adobe Experience Manager DAM in theAdobe Marketing Cloud, they can leverage and share the assets among a global organization to create and optimize differentiated brand experiences, influence demand, and reach new customers with rich content.  

Dynamically Deliver Assets Across Channels

We also combined the digital asset management capabilities of Experience Manager with the dynamic delivery capabilities of Adobe Scene7 - for the ultimate rich media management platform.  These capabilities are integrated with Experience Manager to provide marketers with browser-based tools to deliver personalized rich media experiences, including video, across all channels.   


It can be costly and complex to produce (and re-produce) the variety of assets needed to support optimized experiences on hundreds of device formats and thousands of screen sizes.  Costs grow considerably as marketers add personalization, localization and targeting to their campaigns. 

With its world class content delivery network, Experience Manager can dynamically generate and deliver unlimited variations of digital assets in real time, scaling original assets to support optimized viewing experiences across all web, mobile and social sites.   Users simply upload assets to Experience Manager DAM, and then use the dynamic media technology to author effects, preview, and publish.  The result is a smart URL that can dynamically detect the best experience to deliver to the end customer at the last millisecond. This speeds time to market and minimizes production costs associated with the creation of multiple asset renditions, resulting in efficient campaign delivery and execution.

With Adobe Experience Manager DAM - marketers will now have a centralized platform to not only manage their assets, but also deliver an unlimited set of variations - up to the last millisecond. 

To find out more about all the new capabilities in Adobe Experience Manager, join us for a live webinaron March 27th or April 10thSign up today to discover how you can easily organize and manage the delivery of content and creative assets across all your digital marketing channels, including web, mobile, social media, and video. 

Elliot Sedegah