Mar 22, 2013

Live Webinar March 27 – Introducing Adobe Experience Manager, powered by Adobe CQ 5.6

Posted by Adobe

Earlier this month at Adobe Summit, we unveiled the latest version of Adobe Experience Manager, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud and powered by Adobe CQ 5.6 and Scene7, to help our customers create competitive advantage by delivering multi-channel, personalized experiences. To continue the conversation we began with the community at Summit—and, indeed, to extend it further—we’re planning a live webinar on March 27, “Introducing Adobe Experience Manager”.

Join our experts, Cedric Huesler (@keepthebyte) and Loni Stark (@lonistark), as they’ll delve deeper into how Experience Manager can help you easily organize and manage the delivery of content and creative assets across marketing channels, including Web, mobile, social media, and video.

In particular, you’ll hear and see more about new integration with Adobe Target that helps optimize how visitors browse, find, compare, and select relevant content on Web and mobile sites. And, by leveraging new responsive design capabilities, they’ll show off the ability to preview exactly how experiences will adapt for mobile and tablet devices, as well as the desktop. And, importantly, how to control video and image re-sizing and delivery in order to ensure the best and most appropriate performance by device. There’s more, too, but we’ll save that for the event itself!

You can register for the live webinar here. We hope you’ll join us.