Mar 06, 2013

Include enterprise forms and documents in online experiences with Adobe Experience Manager Document Services and Adobe Experience Manager Document Security

Posted by Josh Van Tonder

Digital marketing is a delicate balance between offering personalized experiences that share and collect relevant information over multiple channels while preserving the trust of customers. In Adobe Experience Manager web content management 5.6, we’ve included a couple of add-ons that help achieve that balance.

Adobe Experience Manager document services and Adobe Experience Manager document security add-ons, powered by Adobe LiveCycle®, lets digital marketers integrate secure enterprise forms and documents into online experiences. Now, your online marketing can

·         Simplify the process of converting prospects into customers by creating, publishing, and managing enterprise forms on websites and mobile sites

·         Comply with electronic data capture requirements in regulated industries

·         Securely track and share high-value digital content optimized for different channels  

An integrated digital marketing campaign should include all the tools to convert a prospect to a customer. Yet some purchases, like insurance or financial products, require users to fill out more than a simple web form. Experience Manager document services makes it easy for your potential customers to fill out branded enterprise forms that meet regulatory requirements via their mobile device or computer.



On your end, you can easily create a form template, make use of existing branding and corporate elements, and publish forms on your website from the same set of tools. Document services dynamically detects whether a user is using a mobile device or computer and presents the form appropriately. You can connect the information captured in the form to back end information processes, eliminating paper trails and reducing transcription errors and processing costs. You can enroll customers faster and more cost-efficiently while complying with any applicable regulations.

Client relationships often involve sharing valuable marketing or sensitive customer information electronically. For example, imagine a financial services firm that wants to post investment portfolio documents on their website, but make them accessible only to high net worth customers. With Experience Manager document security, you can create electronic documents that are more secure than paper, and easily share them with clients or partners through your website or mobile site. You can record detailed audit logs of when, how, and where a user accesses a document and what they do with it, helping you measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Check out the Experience Manager document services (here) and document security (here), and contact me if you have any questions about using them to augment your online digital marketing.

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