Mar 14, 2013

For our Developer Community: Announcing New Technical Webinar Series on Adobe Experience Manager and CQ

Posted by Paolo Mottadelli

We are pleased to announce a new series of webinars on Adobe Experience Manager and CQ: the CQ Gems.
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This new initiative is intended for all developers working on the Experience Manager and CQ platform, to provide more and higher-level content on top of our existing training and documentation resources.

As the name alludes, the CQ Gems is a series of deep dives, each delivered by an expert in a specific area of the technology, and each time focused on an in-demand topic based on the feedback we’ve heard from you.

Adobe Experience ManagerThis initiative started in 2012 as an internal knowledge transfer at Adobe—directly driven by our engineering team—to share with the larger internal Adobe community special content, tips & tricks, and best practices, which are sometimes hard to cover in a time-constrained course or are not always easy to gain from official product documentation.

We felt the natural evolution was to take this initiative out to you, to share and discuss it with the entire community!

Webinars will be hosted on Wednesdays, at 8am Pacific Time.

Here is a preview of the first three sessions on the books, and trust me there is much more to come:

  1. March 20: The eCommerce integration framework, by Paolo Mottadelli (@paolomoz)
  2. April 17: AEM 5.6 upgrade mechanisms, by Bertrand Delacretaz (@bdelacretaz)
  3. May 8: Architecture of the AEM 5.6 platform, by Felix Meschberger

And as a special welcome gift, we’ve posted the session presented last week at the U.S. Adobe Summit by David Nuescheler and Cédric Hüsler: The Top 10 new features of AEM 5.6; so go check it out.

Each of the webinars will be designed to be interactive, so attendees will be able to address direct questions during the presentation and we’ll be certain that follow-up after sessions is supported to ensure all questions are answered and sufficient background material is provided.

Sessions will also be recorded and made available as part of a repository from CQ Gems Home.

So, if you are a developer working on Adobe Experience Manager and CQ and are keen to go, please Register to join us.
Click to register for the CQ Gems