Feb 19, 2013

Adobe Summit 2013: Your Customer Just Shopped at Amazon…in your Store

Posted by Darin Archer

We’ve all done it. You probably have their app on your phone now. I’ll admit it, I have it. I’ve walked into one of my favorite household goods retailers, enjoyed a little cooking show, eaten their treats, drooled over some Le Creuset pan I don’t need, and then purchased a brand new, beautiful slow-cooking recipe book…from Amazon…on my phone…while in their store.

Why did I do this? Because, it was easy, less expensive, and will be at my door before I need it next.

Now, as retailers and consumer brand manufacturers, you can try to mitigate this by minimizing what products you sell through online e-tailers and sometimes differentiate the product by retailer just enough so that consumers can’t easily do price comparison. But, the reality is that with a few clicks to one’s favorite search engine, a shopper knows which model number matches the other one from another retailer and can still price shop.

So, how do we change the focus?

We make the shopping experience more compelling. We become a trusted advisor in the latest fashion trends if we’re an apparel company, or the expert in photography if we’re selling digital cameras. We don’t lead with simple online e-commerce experiences that position our brand and our products in boring rows and columns on a product category page. We sell the lifestyle and personalize the shopping experience so that customers want to buy from us.

Interested in hearing more? 

Join me at Adobe Summit from March 4th-8th, in Salt Lake City, Utah, and learn how to shift gears to experience-driven commerce. In my session, “Experience-driven commerce: Turning passion into purchase,” I’ll share insights on how you can change the customer journey across social, advertising campaigns, in-store experiences and, of course, your Web experience on every device. The goal: Inspire the customer to buy from you rather than focus on price. Also in this session, Robert Morris from SitOnIt Seating will share his journey creating an experience-focused, omni-channel commerce strategy for their direct and retail business.

That’s not all…There are 13 more sessions dedicated toWeb Experience Management, including a presentation led by our Adobe Experience Manager product management lead, Gerd Handke and Samantha Starmer (@samanthastarmer), VP of Customer Experience, Commerce at Razorfish, where these two industry will dive into tips and tricks on how to transition to a customer experience focus within your own organization, including insights on e-commerce platform changes and how to bring together stakeholders that may own different touchpoints of the customer journey.

These are just two of the attractions – there are many more fun activities and thought provoking content to discover at Summit. Learn more about this year’s highlights and see why this is an event you won’t want to miss. Register now to be part of the largest digital marketing and Web Experience Management event of the year! Remember to use promo code ASM2013 and save $200.