Feb 25, 2013

Adobe Summit 2013: Marketer's Guide to Standing Out in the Digital Galaxy

Posted by Loni Stark

Between the Super Bowl, Grammys, and Oscars there was a lot of marketing dollars spent these last couple of months. Some of it garnered brands such as Coca Cola, Oreo and JCPenny a coveted spot in the minds of consumers. Perhaps long enough of an impression that they will reach out whether today, tomorrow or in the near distant future…and buy a can of Coke, a box of Oreo cookies or visit JCPenny.

Regardless of how slick these ad placements, micro sites and social campaigns are, many marketers are still grappling with the best way to spend their investments across digital channels:  trying to separate fad from forever, trying to reach beyond buzzwords to business value. 

Adobe Summit – the Digital Marketing Conference – happening next week in Salt Lake City is a chance for more than 4,000 marketers and technologists to come together and share best practices and gain valuable insights into what is working and what isn't. For example, in my session, which I am co-presenting with HealthNow entitled, "How to Stand Out: Survival of the Most Relevant," I'll be exploring my findings on best practices I've uncovered in my interactions with some of the world's top brands. I'll share insights into what it really takes to build brand loyalty through sustained conversations across channels and how to convert that to business value. 

When there were only a few sites online, manageable levels of emails entering our inboxes and limited search engine capabilities, standing out was easier. Companies online initially had the advantage of being the first movers. The challenge back then was there were few people online and those surfing around confined their activities simply to browsing. Today, while the opportunities for businesses are real and transformative, it’s getting really crowded out there. 

You are not imagining things…as marketers, it is getting harder to get the attention of your visitors. 

In my session with HealthNow, we'll be sharing insights of what has worked across industries and companies as well as specifically at HealthNow. I'll be talking about the three "R"s that all marketers need to know in order to survive in this digitally immersed and distracted world.

But the insights you will gain on how to stand out is not just limited to my session, there are 14 sessions specifically on Web Experience Management which will focus on how to use owned properties such as websites, mobile sites and tablet apps to build an online presence that meets your business purpose. Across all of Adobe Summit there will also be insights and how-to sessions on getting the most from data collected across channels, optimizing your advertising spend and how to make sense of all the social buzz. 

While these are focus areas that all have a significant play in your digital marketing mix, Adobe's also bringing it together, forming the most comprehensive digital marketing offering, Adobe Marketing Cloud

If you think about how much you will spend on marketing and building your online business this year both in people and budget, and the potential for growth in this part of your business, you will realize this is a conference you can't miss. For the thousands of you already attending this year, I look forward to seeing you there. For those who haven't decided, I say, seize the moment, grab your bag, snag a plane ticket and get your spot. The digital consumer waits for no one. 

Register now to be part of the most important digital marketing and Web Experience Management event of the year! Do be prudent and use this promo code ASM2013 to save $200. Spend wisely, but remember, "Fortune favors the bold".

To Adobe Summit or bust! :-)

P.S. Of course, the parties are awesome as well. There will be the Summit Party featuring the grammy award winning group Black Keys. And for all you WEMmers and AEMmers…there is a WEM Meet Up where yours truly will be the host along with the entire WEM/CQ/Scene7 team. Can't tell you everything here, but let's just say there will be lots of little surprises…but nothing dangerous. 

Loni Kao Stark

Director of Product, Solution & Industry Marketing