Feb 25, 2013

Adobe Summit 2013: Launching a personalized, multichannel campaign is easier than you think

Posted by Chris Nguyen

Every savvy marketer knows that creating personalized and engaging landing pages can increase conversion through higher SEO techniques, increased reuse of offerings, and shorter routes to relevant content. The question is: why don’t they do more of it?

The reality is: it’s hard and it takes a lot of resources.

It takes time to get these, in theory, “quick marketing campaigns” out the door. A lot of times it takes multiple teams to create the assets. Marketing teams have to hire outside digital agencies to manufacture the HTML, CSS, and assets. Once it’s finally delivered to the marketing teams, there is back-and-forth process between the marketer and agency to get the details right. Do you have the right text? Is the exact imagery what you’ve been looking for? Does it show correctly on the website? Does it render appropriately across mobile devices? Form factors? Then, on top of it all, marketers have to make sure the messaging is engaging across a wide variety of audiences.

Not only do you have to take all of these appropriate steps for each landing page you create, you also have to iterate quickly enough to ensure it’s resonating with your target market. Otherwise, all of this trouble isn’t worth it.

Attend my session, “Launching a personalized, multichannel campaign is easier than you think,” at Adobe Summit from March 4th-8th, in Salt Lake City, Utah, to learn why marketers are struggling to capture a critical mass of demand gen and how they can easily take steps to correct that.

There are 13 more sessions dedicated to Web Experience Management, as well as many more fun activities and thought provoking content to discover at Summit. To find out more about Adobe Summit and some of the activities we have planned read my previous blog.

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Chris Nguyen

Product Marketing