Feb 21, 2013

Adobe Summit 2013 - Creating a compelling customer experience

Posted by Gerd Handke

If you are aiming to accelerate your online business there is one key element that you need to get right: the customer experience across all channels. In a world of nearly complete price visibility the experience is the differentiator, as Darin Archer pointed out in his recent post.

Now, what needs to be done to create this outstanding experience? We all have our own practical knowledge of how it should be and - more often - how it should not be. From an external perspective it often seems so easy and obvious. And for your customers, it needs to be like this – natural and smooth. However, for your organization there can be so many obstacles and stumbling blocks to get it really right - or at least to be better than the competition. It is not trivial but worth the effort to start the transition to experience driven commerce.

Join us at Adobe Summit from March 4th-8th, in Salt Lake City, Utah, to hear about best practices for creating a compelling customer experience. Razorfish's Samantha Starmer (@samanthastarmer), who is a recognized expert on customer experience and e-commerce with extensive practical background, will be presenting with me in the session: “Amplifying conversion between marketing campaigns and commerce.” We will discuss important elements of experience-driven commerce, challenges that you might encounter and approaches to overcome those.

This is only one of 14 sessions dedicated to Web Experience Management and Adobe Experience Manager (which Adobe CQ is now part of). You will have the opportunity to hear about all the latest news and future direction of Adobe Experience Manager. Learn more about this year’s highlights.

In not much more than a week Adobe Summit will be opened. Don't miss this opportunity to learn about trends and innovations in Digital marketing and have some fun together with your peers and the Adobe team. Register now to be part of the largest digital marketing and Web Experience Management event of the year! Remember to use promo code ASM2013 and save $200.