Mar 26, 2013

Adobe Experience Manager and CQ Digital Asset Management at Adobe

Posted by Adobe

Our own employees and approved vendors use Adobe Marketing Hub to obtain logos, email signatures, corporate templates, and other content for projects. But inadequate metadata and search capabilities often meant manually browsing through file trees, redundant work efforts, and an increased risk of using unauthorized content.

When our colleagues needed a more reliable, centralized digital asset management system, well, they found it using our solution. With Adobe Experience Manager Digital Asset Management, part of Adobe Marketing Cloud, content developers can now efficiently create and upload thousands of assets with streamlined asset tagging, including automated metadata entry.

Marjorie McGonigal, senior product manager, Marketing Insights and Operations at Adobe, says, “When content creators upload new assets to the Marketing Hub, Adobe Experience Manager templates can instantly prepopulate metadata fields based on the file and upload folder. Prepopulation can greatly speed tagging for content publishers, accelerating uploading for some users by as much as 30%.”

Detailed metadata also improves searchability. Users can search for content by product, type or other criteria through a simplified user interface.

Adobe Experience Manager eliminates the challenges associated with enforcing brand guidelines, too. Now, when users access content in the Marketing Hub, they are required to accept usage terms before downloads. By tracking downloads and acceptance of usage restrictions, we’re better able to manage accountability.

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