Mar 12, 2013

Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe CQ at New Mexico Department of Transportation

Posted by Adobe

When the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) saw the congestion, roadblocks, bottlenecks, and unnecessary detours on its Website, it chose Adobe Experience Manager, part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, to map out a new solution.

After eight years, the existing site had grown to an unmanageable 800+ pages. Site visitors had difficulty finding information, and the site’s managers had difficulty ensuring the quality and availability of current content. By choosing Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe CQ, the NMDOT team realized it could offer site visitors a cleaner, simpler, easier-to-use experience and deliver them to a variety of devices.

Jeff Woodman, Web development lead at NMDOT, says, “Adobe Experience Manager gave us a strong foundation for meeting our Web publishing needs today and in the future as we start to think about delivering content on more mobile devices and building social communities.”

New Mexico became the first state Department of Transportation to implement Adobe Experience Manager, including Adobe CQ Web Content Management and Adobe CQ Digital Asset Management. Design and implementation of the new site took only six months, partly due to the easy integration of Adobe’s software with the department’s existing technology. The number of Webpages was trimmed to just 72, which increased the quality and navigability of the site, and improved customer satisfaction both inside and outside NMDOT.

“Site visitors can now find information with just one or two clicks, while with the old system, the same search might have taken seven or more clicks,” says Bruce Oakeley, NMDOT IT Information Systems manager.

The department worked closely with Adobe partners, including training specialists, so staff could rapidly learn to use Adobe Experience Manager and begin publishing when the new system went live. More than two dozen authors can now quickly create and preview content to see how it will appear on Web pages, speeding up the publishing process. Plus, NMDOT is using capabilities within Adobe Experience Manager to help it comply with the state’s Electronic and Information Accessibility Standards (section 508).

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