Feb 08, 2013

Customer Story:

Posted by Adobe

For, supporting its impressive growth of more than 4,000% over the past four years meant adopting tools that would provide customers with richer online viewing experiences. As one of the largest fashion and beauty online retailers in Sweden and the European Union, the retailer turned to Adobe Marketing Cloud to effectively create, deliver, and manage a large volume of high-quality online content.

“At brick-and-mortar stores, customers have the advantage of being able to pick up products, try them on, and inspect all of the details,” says Richard Woodbridge, chief operating officer at “While online retail stores offer anytime, anywhere convenience, they can lack the immediacy and hands-on insight that customers need to be comfortable making purchases. This is particularly true in fashion, where physical details about a product often make or break a sale.”

Adobe Scene7, part of the Adobe Experience Manager solution in Adobe Marketing Cloud, helps achieve its goals by dynamically generating and delivering digital content in real time—eliminating the need for manual image editing. Staff is now able to add video and images in multiple angles for approximately 300 new products every day.

Interactive zoom and high-quality video allows customers to see greater details—from fabric choices and decorative details to how clothing moves on the runway—helping to eliminate uncertainties that might prevent sales. “With interactive zoom, we can highlight details that customers might not see otherwise,” explains Woodbridge. “Video and zoom enabled by Adobe Scene7 work together to give our customers a virtual shopping experience that rivals a trip to a store.”

Adobe Marketing Cloud offers the product views that the company needs to provide customers with exceptional online shopping experiences. “By delivering dynamic media content, we can give customers more engaging experiences that ultimately lead to higher satisfaction and greater sales,” says Woodbridge.

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