Jan 08, 2013

Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe CQ at Royal DSM

Posted by Adobe

With the Internet placing information at consumers’ fingertips, life sciences leader, Royal DSM, knows its web presence is key to delivering company and product information to potential customers. When the company decided to rebrand its website and other digital channels, the DSM marketing team turned to Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe CQ, part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, to better engage customers through enhanced web experiences delivered across devices.

Marco Jongen, director of integrated web and application services at DSM, says, “Adobe CQ is more than a web content authoring system for us—it is an essential business tool that makes it possible for sales and marketing to contribute more value to the entire organization.”

With Adobe CQ providing easy methods of creating and publishing web content and digital assets, dozens of DSM managers from around the world can author and publish content without the need for technical training. Previously, updating web content was a lengthy process that involved coordinating with web and IT teams. Now, by reusing branded content and templates in Adobe CQ, managers can update pages on their own. The change dramatically shortened update cycle time from days to only hours.

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