Jan 01, 2013

Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe CQ at Citrix

Posted by Adobe

Company websites often need input from dozens, or even hundreds, of personnel. The challenge is involving all of these content contributors with their varying levels of technical know-how without overloading web specialists.

When rebranding its website, Citrix adopted the Adobe Experience Manager solution, including Adobe CQ, part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, to tackle the problem. With drag-and-drop capabilities and reusable components, contributors without advanced technical skills can now easily create and publish web content.

Instead of waiting hours for a member of the web team to create a table, contributors can reuse a table component and create a table in minutes. Rather than rushing to submit updates to the web team weeks before they go live, event organizers can post the latest information as they receive it. By empowering contributors to create their own content, Citrix has cut the load on its web team and boosted productivity as much as 300%.

Diamelin Lopez, senior project manager at Citrix, says, “If I had to point to the most significant impact this project has had on our organization, it would be the ability to rapidly respond to critical business needs. When the business comes to us with challenges, we’re able to perform in real time to get the results the company wants.”

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