Nov 01, 2012

Adobe CQ at Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Posted by Adobe

For more than 40 years, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) has worked to improve the health of all Americans through public policy, action, and change. Looking for a way to enhance its web presence through a dynamic, easily managed website, RWJF engaged the services of Velir, a full-service web design and development agency—which turned to Adobe CQ, part of the Adobe Marketing Cloud, to meet the website challenges.

Mark Gregor, Velir’s CEO, says, “We are proud of our partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and wanted to make use of a full range of innovative web technologies to deliver engaging visitor experiences, while simplifying content creation for the Foundation’s staff and partners.”

RWJF wanted a way for its content contributors to easily create content, including text posts, video content, and social media exchanges while maintaining a consistent, high-quality brand presence. Adobe CQ simplified content creation and publishing with drag-and-drop page composition and easy ways to integrate customized news and social media feeds into branded templates.

The project resulted in a clean, modern design for RWJF’s website. Previously, much of the information from RWJF came in the form of lengthy, document-based reports. Now, contributors can use 40 interchangeable components to create unique web layouts, feeds, and data visualizations to convey ideas and information in new ways. With more dynamic content, web traffic has grown to 35,000 unique daily visitors.

Hope Woodhead, senior director of communications at RWJF, says, “Our improved web presence gives us a new set of tools to deliver valuable content into the hands of those who can help create the social change we are looking to achieve.”

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