Oct 25, 2012

Customer Success Story: TV One

Seen in 57 million U.S. homes, TV One is a rapidly growing cable network that delivers programming about the diverse experience of African-American life, history and culture. When the network recently rebranded its identity, TV One took the opportunity to focus on increasing engagement across a range of channels, include web and mobile sites.

The network turned to Adobe CQ, part of the Adobe Experience Manager solution, to help create a clear brand presence and boost audience engagement across channels through video, original content and social interactions.

Allison Rand, vice president of digital media at TV One, says, “A major reason we committed to an enterprise-level solution from Adobe is to be prepared for what’s to come in the television industry. Having Adobe CQ in place has prepared us to continuously improve our digital presence as the industry shifts, extend our brand across channels, drive new revenue opportunities, and best capture the attention of an increasingly selective audience.”

Now, even employees without expert technical knowledge can easily and quickly create content and upload video or other media. This leads to more frequent updates for optimal timing, with the cycles required to publish content reduced from hours to minutes. And Adobe CQ helps keep the look of the brand consistent across content and channels.

Thanks in part to more engaging content delivered across devices, TV One saw a 54% increase in page views, 48% increase in unique page views, and a 6% increase in time spent on the site.

To learn more, check out TV One’s full story here.