Oct 05, 2012

Adobe CQ Cloud Update – It’s All about Choice

Posted by Chris Nguyen

From the initial beta announcement of Adobe CQ Cloud Manager this March at our U.S. Digital Marketing Summit to our general availability news in May and continuing through to today, the CQ Cloud engineering team has been working tirelessly to deliver critical features on a continual basis. The goal is to provide marketers, such as yourself, with a best-in-class solution to take digital campaigns to market in less time and with fewer resources. It’s been our aim, as it remains today, to take the painful and insanely technical details out of the marketing campaign process; to enable you take control of what’s most important to you: creativity and business innovation.

When our beta was first released, we offered a fully customizable Adobe CQ offering in the cloud so you could experience how a SaaS solution could afford more control over how you managed CQ resources – whenever you needed it most. The days of having to wait for IT to provision, stage, and go live were officially over.

And when we officially launched Adobe CQ Cloud Manager and CQ Cloud (our subscription/term based licensing) offering, we were thrilled with the overwhelming number of people who signed up for accounts. The best part of all—it was free for our customers!

Since then, we haven’t been resting on our laurels. In fact, we’ve released new features on a monthly basis and will continue to innovate at a similar pace to provide you with the capabilities needed to compete in today’s competitive digital marketplace. With our upcoming October release, for example, we’ve added several key new features that will empower you to take your campaigns even further.

For example, we’ve added support for one of the leading infrastructure providers, Rackspace. Now, not only can you provision CQ instances on AWS EC2 but also Rackspace. Dedicated Rackers out there will know this builds on our existing work together, including new CQ support as part of Rackspace’s Critical Application Services.

We’ve also taken it one step further by providing you further choice: You can now select which Amazon Machine Instance size you want and, maybe even more critical, we’ve added the ability to choose to which regions you can provision. So, if you’re focused on deploying in EMEA, it can be done. If you want to deploy across multiple regions, check. In fact, you can deploy wherever Amazon and Rackspace have datacenters. Pretty cool, right?

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that, you, as a digital marketer, shouldn’t be restricted by your vendor but, rather, should have flexibility and choices.

Again, we’ll continue to innovate and provide you with the features and options needed to gain that sustainable competitive advantage. You can count on that from us.

If you want to go deeper on the new features and enhancements we roll out each month, keep your eye on our CQ Cloud forum. My colleague, Samartha (@Samartha), posted most recently about our September release and we’ll continue to use that forum as a channel to provide you all the details. And I plan to check in here consistently, as well, so stay tuned. In the meantime, you can keep in touch with us in comments, and on Twitter @AdobeWEM and @CQDev.

Chris Nguyen

Adobe CQ Product Marketing