Oct 02, 2012

adaptTo() 2012: my top 5

Posted by Paolo Mottadelli

As previously posted on this blog, adaptTo() 2012 was hosted last week in Berlin by pro!vision and Adobe. As any participant may have appreciated more certain aspects rather than others, I have my personal top 5:

  1. the technical level of sessions and speakers
  2. the informal style of the conference
  3. the great participation from all attendees
  4. the special guest: Apache Jackrabbit Oak
  5. the forecast for adaptTo() 2013

1. Top notch sessions and speakers
It has certainly been a top level conference from a content perspective; it provided 24 sessions delivered by a good mix of technical roles; and the most outstanding participation came from many of the core community members of the Apache Sling and Apache Jackrabbit projects. Among the most appreciated talks: "Use of OSGi technology in Apache Sling" by Felix, "Efficient content structures and queries in CRX" by Marcel, "Apache Jackrabbit Oak" by Jukka and Michael and "CQ5 Mobile in a Real Life Project" by Alexander, Sebastian and Bert-Ulrich.

Slides from all the sessions can be downloaded from the event website; session recordings will come shortly.

2. Informal location
Supermarkt Berlin revealed itself as a very nice location for an informal developer conference such as adaptTo(); although some minor aspects could be improved, it provided my favorite un-conference feature: big windows, many big windows, and directly on a lively street.
Look at some of the best shoots.

Update: the official photo stream

3. Active participation
As previously noted, adaptTo() was already sold out well before its date, and the excitement from the developer community was confirmed in Berlin by a very active on site participation. The main conference room was packed throughout the 3 days, most of the sessions generated a good number of questions and many participants were so kind to provide very effective feedback on the various aspect of the conference.

4. Oakathon
During the entire week and also throughout the 3 'public' days we were delighted by the special participation of the Apache Jackrabbit Oak community, which organized one of their recurrent Oakathons in conjunction with the rest of the conference. This culminated in the very well received presentation: "Apache Jackrabbit Oak" delivered by Jukka and Michael, and in a series of good steps forward for the project, presented in this report from Michael.

5. Next Year
And yes, I heard so many times people mentioning "next year" that I only regret we cannot already provide here a registration link for adaptTo() 2013...
More seriously, engines have not stopped; your organizers are already planning the next edition, to keep supporting the great interest and improve on the suggestions, to become even harder, better, faster, stronger.

A lot of good stuff has still to come; stay tuned and keep having fun with Apache Sling... and friends!

Paolo Mottadelli, Adobe Technical Marketing. @paolomoz