May 11, 2012

Syncing images from the Creative Cloud to CQ5

Posted by Feike Visser

This blogpost will explain how to sync images from your creative-cloud account to your CQ5.5 instance.

When you have an account in the creative cloud then you have 20GB of space available to store your images.

You can configure CQ5 in such a way that images from the creative cloud will be synced with the CQ5 DAM. Like with uploading files into the DAM new renditions will be created and be available for the author.

Configuration steps

Go to the Tools-section, and open the "Cloud Services Configurations".

There you see the "Adobe Creative Cloud".


Enter the details of your creative cloud account, and specify which folder must be synced. In this case everything in /personal will be synced to my CQ5 instance.


When you now look into the CQ5 DAM you see the assets from your creative cloud in your CQ5 instance with the correct renditions.