May 14, 2012

Don’t hit the panic button yet – create a new landing page in 3 quick steps

Posted by Elliot Sedegah

The Challenge: You are in the midst of launching a new demand generation campaign.   Your current task is to use several different landing pages, each with a unique look and feel, to capture as many leads as possible.

Time is an issue:  The campaign must start by Friday, and today is Monday.  Fortunately, you already have the latest design package from your digital agency, which includes an HTML file, CSS (design, colors, etc), and a bit of JavaScript (to handle the registration form and a few other goodies).  You'd like to use the newly designed landing pages in your web content management system, however your internal IT team doesn’t have the resources to create new templates for you.   What are your options?

Option 1:  Send the package to your internal IT team and wait for them to get to your request. Chances are, they won’t be able to meet your demands in time.  They are already bogged down with another task that has a higher priority than your campaign.  You attempted to bribe the web team with chocolate and cookies, but that attempt failed miserably. (and they still ate your cookies!)

Option 2:  Abandon your design package and use a 3rd-party landing page product that is hosted outside of your WCM. This could work, however, you aren’t able to leverage your organization’s existing web infrastructure and digital assets.  Banners, images, video and other content will need to be duplicated in several places.  In addition, that great layout from your agency will likely go to waste.

Here is the worst part: you also lose access to your organization’s analytics and optimization infrastructure.  You will now have the painful task of tying the results of your independent campaign to your existing campaign data.

Option 3: A miracle (almost)

Adobe CQ Marketing Campaign Management has been refreshed with a new feature to allow marketers to rapidly create landing pages while relieving the burden on IT.  Just have your design agency edit your HTML file with a few simple tags and then you can import that design directly into Adobe CQ!

Here’s how:

·         Ask your agency to edit your landing pages using a few custom HTML tags

·         Zip up the files (use Archive utility on a Mac, WinZip on Windows)


·         Drag and Drop the zip file into CQ


This new capability is now in a private beta.  A public beta with enhanced marketing campaign management features is coming soon!

Elliot Sedegah,

product marketing manager, Adobe CQ