Apr 10, 2012

Customer Showcase: The Slate Group

Posted by Adobe

Not long ago Technology Director Dan Check of Slate—an extremely popular daily, online magazine that offers analysis and commentary on current issues and today’s culture—sat down with us and discussed how The Slate Group is using Adobe Digital Marketing Suite, including Adobe CQ and Adobe SiteCatalyst, to revitalize with more effective and simplified content delivery. Check talked about how Adobe solutions empowered Slate to respond rapidly to new content and monetization opportunities saying, “Adobe CQ gives us a competitive advantage to leverage new content opportunities and introduce new features to market quickly to capture sponsor dollars.”

Check also told us that Adobe CQ decreased the time it typically requires for a Slate blogger to develop and publish a new post by 50%. Slate developed a personalized component that empowers content creators to search for images through the Getty Images photo collection and drag and drop them into the Adobe CQ Digital Asset Management system for use in articles and promotions throughout the site—greatly enhancing the quality and impact of digital content.

According to Check, Adobe CQ also enables customers to enjoy engaging content across tablets and devices saying, “Moving to Adobe CQ has radically simplified the process of providing variations on our format for consumers on different platforms. We can handle external syndication requests much faster, and can also allow people to subscribe to our content on Kindle, Google reader, and iOS and Android mobile apps.” To learn more about The Slate Group and its use of Adobe Digital Marketing Suite, read the full story here.