Mar 22, 2012

Your web platform made fast and easy!

Posted by Pierre Tager

In an era where enterprises are facing ever-growing competition, digital marketers are demanding to accelerate their go-to-market strategy to build their brand, while creating demand and increasing reach for their products. As marketers, you’ve all been there: Great marketing campaign idea. Check. Social Community. Check. Implementation time…hmm. That’s where it falls flat. How many times have marketing initiatives been held up due to the time it takes to negotiate and buy software? Provision IT resources? Download, install and configure? Fellow marketers, wait no more! Adobe is bringing it all together with a new technology, that combines the best Web platform and modern cloud computing. Introducing Adobe CQ Cloud Manager, designed to help marketers accelerate time to market and provide competitive differentiation in today’s ever-changing digital landscape.


CQ Cloud Manager, currently in beta, is a cloud service enabling digital marketers to reduce the time and cost to provision, manage and meter Web Experience Management (WEM) solutions supporting their digital marketing initiatives. Cloud Manager takes advantage of cloud computing technology, such Amazon public cloud, for starting up full CQ clusters extremely fast and very consistently. Entirely self-service, enterprises can quickly provision and deploy instances of their web environment in minutes without having to procure hardware or pay large upfront costs. Digital Marketing organizations can now engage customers in minimal time, drive market share, and increase their focus on innovation.


Cloud Manager offers a dashboard for accessing your CQ clouds and monitoring their current state. The CQ clouds are provisioned using the cloud provider of your choice and configured by default with a Dispatcher, a Publish node and an Author node. Each CQ cloud is a dedicated environment setup as a WEM platform for creating end-to-end Digital Marketing solutions. You can manage each CQ cloud separately using the start, pause, stop, and scale control buttons. You also have the option to enable automatic backups for any of your CQ clouds and restore them on-demand from a list of online backups.


Cloud Manager includes a dashboard for viewing all the CQ packages you have installed on your CQ clouds. CQ packages are available on PackageShare, the CQ application marketplace where you can find packages provided by Adobe or upload and share your own packages privately. CQ packages can seamlessly extend the capability of your WEM platform and be installed on one or more CQ clouds in a single click.


Cloud Manager gives you more with a dashboard for tracking the usage of the cloud services you have added in Cloud Manager and installed on one or more CQ clouds. These cloud services are offered either by Adobe, such as the Digital Marketing Suite, or by 3rd party cloud vendors such as Amazon Web Services. Cloud Manager enables you to import your credentials for the services you have already subscribed to with the different vendors. Once a service is added in Cloud Manager, you can choose to install the service on your CQ clouds, and then analyze the metering graphs for tracking the usage of that service by CQ cloud.

Imagine your Web platform that will deliver your marketing plans on your clock, finally at your fingertips! What are you waiting for? Join our beta now at

- Pierre Tager

Group Product Manager, Enterprise Cloud