Mar 21, 2012

Taking Web Experience Management to Another Level

Posted by Kevin Cochrane

Today, marketing is all about driving revenue and setting strategic direction for the company, in addition to building brand. Customer expectations are sky high. They want relevant information when and where they need it, plain and simple

For digital marketers this means the need, or rather mandate, to personalize each experience, think mobile first, and have a measurable web strategy.  It means partnering effectively with IT to select a platform that enables decreased time to web and empowers marketers to drive continuous optimization of the customer experience and ultimately conversion rates.

Today we announced Adobe CQ 5.5, a major release that is at the heart of our Web Experience Management (WEM) solution, part of the Digital Marketing Suite. Adobe CQ now includes deep integrations with leading web analytics products in the Suite like SiteCatalyst, Test&Target, Scene7 and Search&Promote.

Today’s marketing challenges are reflected in Adobe WEM. For example:

Personalization - among the many enhancements in CQ 5.5 is Client Context, which leverages all your customer data (profile data, real-time data, CRM, etc.) to provide the personalized experience customers seek. Yet the real power of Client Context may very well be its simplicity and ease of use. You can easily simulate the desired experience for each of your customer personas under different scenarios.

Mobile –New CQ integration with PhoneGap means you can rapidly create HTML5 based, cross-platform mobile apps. The same intuitive, drag-and-drop functionality allows marketers to takes full advantage of device features, like the camera or GPS.

Commerce – Today we also announced a new partnership with hybris, a leader in multi-channel commerce software. Working closely with their great team, we’re delivering marketers comprehensive commerce capabilities – from brand engagement to immersive shopping experience to checkout. We’re in beta now, with  a few early customers, like ghd, reaping the benefits. And commerce as part of Adobe WEM is targeted for yet his calendar quarter.

And I haven’t even touched on the work we’ve done in terms of Digital Asset Management, or with our new Cloud Manager beta. Adobe CQ has always been cloud ready and we have many customers on the cloud now. Cloud Manager takes cloud ready to the next level by making deploying on the Amazon cloud as easy as pushing a button.  We’ll be sharing thoughts on those areas, and many others, here over the coming weeks.

It’s an exceptional time to be a digital marketer – expectations are large, but technology is rising to the challenge to help enable a new age where we can clearly prove revenue growth to the C-suite by building brand value, effectively generating demand and extending digital presence across web, mobile and social. We look forward to helping our customers take WEM to a completely new level.

- Kevin Cochrane, VP of Product Strategy and Solution Marketing