Feb 03, 2012

CQ Developer Tricks

Posted by Feike Visser

While working with Adobe CQ5 every now and then you discover some new tricks or options, here the list that I use daily:

Remove #cf/
Don’t want to see/wait for the content-finder while refereshing pages, just remove #cf/ in your url.

Shows you all details of the components used on your page

Runs Firebug Lite inside your browser

This parameter sets your WcmMode in the specified mode, makes testing for a particular WcmMode easier .

Writes out all Clientlib categories as separate files (check your HTML-source).

In combination with ?debugClientLibs=true will show you timing information of your page

Shows you all information around the clientlibs used in your CQ5-environment.

If you have other tricks, let me know and I will add them to the list…