Feb 15, 2013

    Adobe Summit 2013 – How to transform random social activity into loyalty and revenue

    Posted by Lars Trieloff

    If you are like most marketers, you are aware of the importance that social can make to your brand and to your bottom line. But also, if you are like most marketers, you are wondering how to best leverage social as a channel and make it work for you.

    Here is a secret: In order to best leverage social, you cannot treat it as a channel, you cannot disconnect it from your business goals and you cannot remove it from your core experience.

    The best managed brands deeply embed social into their web experience in order to hook their visitors and turn them into fans and loyal brand advocates.

    Join us at Adobe Summit from March 4th - 8th in Salt Lake City, to see how Adobe Experience Manager customers are using Social Communities as part of their websites and learn:

    ·         What you can do to make your site more compelling;

    ·         How to react to changing requirements and different community profiles;

    ·         How to combine premium content with premium communities;

    ·         What secret optimization tricks you can apply to optimize sites with massive user generated content;

    ·         What community managers can do to keep their community active and engaged;

    ·         The importance of search and navigation for user generated content;

    ·         And: how to measure business impact of social communities.

    Also presenting in this session are, Scott Petry, Vice President at SapientNitro, and Kyle Chau, Partner Solution Architect at Adobe, to give you the best combination of business insight, technical know-how and product background.

    In addition to this session, there are 13 more sessions dedicated to Web Experience Management, including a presentation of the top 10 hottest new features in Adobe Experience Manager; plus many more fun activities and thought provoking content to discover at Summit. Learn more about this year’s highlights.

    This is an event you won’t want to miss. Register now to be part of the largest digital marketing and Web Experience Management event of the year! Remember to use promo code ASM2013 and save $200.

    Apr 03, 2012

    Why "Social" will become irrelevant and more important than ever at the same time

    Posted by Lars Trieloff

    How can something become irrelevant and more important at the same time? Isn't that a contradiction in terms? In the case of the Social Web, it is not.

    With the web being in its third decade of existence, it is clear how it has fundamentally changed the way we live, learn, communicate and do business. It is easier to imagine a world without cash than a world without the web - and it won't be too long, till web-based solutions completely replace cash. The all-permeating nature of the web is strongly tied to the way we access it. By being available on our mobile devices, on smartphones and tablets we can take it wherever we are and it is becoming a more and more important aspect of our lifes.

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