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    Jul 14, 2014

    Get in-depth hands on training from Adobe Experience Manager Experts

    Following the launch of AEM6.0 we are proud to announce a 2 day training course just for AEM customers and partners.  The course sessions will enable you to understand all the new features that make AEM6.0 the best release yet. See the schedule here.

    You will learn;

    • What's new and how to get started with AEM 6.0
    • Details on the new features and functionalities
    • Deep dive into Sightly, the new templating language,  Components, Syntax, New Dialog Boxes, Testing, Sling IDE and Brackets, MSM, Machine Translation, new UX for live copy and language copy, and Forms
    • The architecture behind AEM Sites and options to best configure your implantations for scalability and performance
    • Advantages and disadvantages of both Clustering and Replicated Models
    • New tools and dashboards to make system administration of AEM Sites simpler and more automated
    • How to migrate or upgrade current instillations of AEM
    • Adobe Consulting will wrap up the course with a Q & A session to answer any questions you have on AEM6.0

    The world wide “Digital Now to Next World Tour" is designed to help you take your digital marketing implementations to the next level. Find out more information or to register please go here

    Jul 06, 2014

    AEM Forms: Using Custom Widget in Adaptive Form

    Posted by deepakk

    Sometimes, customers want to use more sophisticated widgets while capturing data from the end user in order to improve their overall data entry experience. For example, instead of making user type the digits for numeric fields, customer might want to show a slider to capture data. Similarly, they might want to present data in more intuitive way to end user like when showing the address to end user, they might like to show him the address on map instead of just as text. 

    Adaptive Forms allows developers to build custom widgets which can integrate with rest of the Forms eco system and still support all the business rules (aka expressions) that Form Author might write for that field. Once a developer deploys these custom widgets, AEM Form author can easily enable that for any particular form field using Adaptive Form Field properties Dialog in Form Authoring mode. The widget framework has been taken from AEM XFA HTML5 Forms (aka AEM Mobile Forms), the approach to use the custom widgets is same as in Adobe XFA HTML5 Forms. The XFA HTML5 Form Widget Specification provides good details about Widget Framework. One can use reuse existing jquery or other ui widgets by creating a wrapper around those widgets that adheres to the Form Widget specification. This specification provides a basic widget(abstractWidget) and defines certain function that custom widget may override and certain events that it should dispatch, more details here.

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    Jul 02, 2014

    Latest Monthly WEM Webinar Now On-demand: Quickly Launch Marketing Campaigns in the Cloud.

    Posted by Kim Morris

    Last week’s Web Experience Management (WEM) Wednesday webinar, ”Quickly Launch Marketing Campaigns in the Cloud” showcased how, by leveraging Adobe Experience Manager in the cloud, you can focus on what you do best—delivering innovative and engaging marketing campaigns. Thank you to everyone who joined us from the community! 

    Our experts,  Chris Nguyen (@chrisnguyen), Mitch Nelson (mnelson@adobe.com ) and Mike Tilburg discussed and demonstrated how Adobe Managed Services capabilities allows for you to quickly organize, manage, and launch marketing campaigns and digital properties leveraging the cloud – reducing time to market and alleviating the burden on your IT department.  They also shared top considerations and best practices for you to think about when managing your business in the cloud.

    If you missed the live webinar, we’ve now got you covered with an on-demand version. Check it out here.

    And, don’t miss our next WEM Wednesday webinar on July 30 at 10am PT to learn more about Experience-driven commerce, specifically how to build and optimize for the mobile shopping experience so you can give your customers what they want. We’ll share more details as the date nears, but in the meantime, please register here to join us.

    Jun 29, 2014

    Sightly and clientlibs

    Posted by Feike Visser

    With the introduction of Sightly in AEM6, I often get the question: "but what about clientlibs?, how do we do that with Sightly"

    In this article I will explain you how you can use clientlibs in Sightly.

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    Jun 18, 2014

    AEM Developer Event; CONNECT Web Experience. Get it from the experts

    Posted by Andrew Savory

    With less than a week to go, we’re getting really excited about our next Adobe developer event. What can you expect from the Connect Web Experience conference in Basel next week? Aside from great conversations with AEM users, developers, and Adobe engineers, there’ll be some great presentations too. 

    We’ve got talks from right across the AEM ecosystem, but here’s just a few of the Adobe sessions described in recent blog posts:

    We also have a mobile trifecta, where we’ll dive even deeper into mobile concepts introduced at previous events:

    And finally, Bertrand’s keynote is a plea for simplicity. Is AEM rocket science or as easy as riding a bike? Bertrand will explain the value of simplicity with some tales from the trenches.

    You can expect plenty of live coding demos, lots of hands-on experience, and a relaxed atmosphere where the focus is on increasing your AEM know-how. Tickets are going fast, so don’t miss out: register now.

    Jun 17, 2014

    It’s Just a Web Server – A Plea for Simplicity

    I’m currently working on my keynote for next week’s Connect – Web Experience 2014 conference in Basel and very much looking forward to it! Last year’s conference was excellent, and this year’s schedule looks very exciting.

    My keynote is about the value of simplicity in software – including a few tales from the trenches.

    We like to think of what we build with AEM as large enterprise systems, with complex requirements. Intricate workflows. Rocket science.

    However, when you think about it, our systems are “just” HTTP request processors, that manipulate atomic pieces of content in a content repository.

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    Jun 17, 2014

    The Luxury of Choice and Personalization

    Posted by Tatiana Mejia

    Imag­ine arriv­ing at the Bel­la­gio in Las Vegas. A friendly bell­man smiles and rushes to take your bags. The front desk clerk wel­comes you by name and hands you keys to a pool­side suite. In your room a wel­come packet is wait­ing for you, sug­gest­ing activ­i­ties tai­lored to your inter­ests. Dur­ing din­ner the som­me­lier rec­om­mends a new vin­tage the staff is sure you’ll love. They all remem­bered and you feel like a rock star.

    Can you pic­ture it? Although few of us have stayed at a 5-diamond prop­erty, we all can imag­ine what that expe­ri­ence would be like. Per­son­al­iza­tion is the hall­mark of lux­ury in travel and entertainment.

    In fact, per­son­al­iza­tion is listed as one of the top cri­te­ria when AAA grants a 5-diamond rating:

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    Jun 16, 2014

    CONNECT Web Experience 2014 - An AEM Developer Conference

    Posted by John Fait

    CONNECT Web Experience (formally CQCON) is less than 2 weeks away and I'm thrilled to be presenting this year. I'll be speaking about developing interactive content-centric mobile apps with Adobe Experience Manager’s (AEM) Integration with DPS.

    Not so long ago AEM shipped with a new mobile channel for your AEM content and there's more on its way in the AEM6.0 release. This integration can help extend your branded experience across mobile devices and build better brand loyalty. AEM's integration with DPS provides AEM authors a cost-effective method to create, manage and produce content-centric apps for mobile.

    I hope you'll join me at CONNECT Web Experience in Basel on the 25th and 26th of June where I’ll be discussing the DPS integration in more detail. We'll take a look the solution's architecture and how it uses and extends existing and familiar AEM concepts such as Mobile Content Sync, MSM and more.  I'll dig into how Content Sync works and contributes to AEM's mobile offerings and introduce the new multi-folio support. We'll also build mobile/folio optimized components to make delivering to multiple device much easier in a responsive and adaptive way.

    You can learn more about the event, read up on all of the sessions, and register to attend here. You will even have the opportunity to prove your expertise.  Adobe is offering an AEM Developer Certification Exam Session on 24th June learn more here.

    I hope to see you in Basel the birth place of AEM!

    Jun 09, 2014

    50 First Impressions

    Posted by Tatiana Mejia

    I love the movie 50 First Dates, and not just because I am a closet Adam San­dler fan. In case you haven’t seen it, it’s a movie about a girl with no short-term mem­ory who meets a guy deter­mined to make her fall in love with him, no mat­ter how many times she for­gets him.

    I love this far-fetched sto­ry­line because it draws some strange par­al­lels to my daily life as a dig­i­tal mar­keter think­ing about cus­tomer expe­ri­ence. A cus­tomer inter­act­ing with you on social media for­gets or at least is eas­ily dis­tracted. Peo­ple might ask a ques­tion on Twit­ter, par­tic­i­pate in a Face­book con­test, and then repin one of your prod­ucts on their Pin­ter­est page—all before they browse your site. They come back a few times, but to them, it might still feel like their first inter­ac­tion with your brand.

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    Jun 05, 2014

    AEM 6.0 – Most Important Platform Innovations in 2 Minutes

    Posted by Peter Klassen

    There's been an unbroken wave of interest from all sides since the latest version of the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Content Repository was announced (AEM 6.0 has been available for a few days now). So to address some of the main questions - what are the most significant improvements to the platform?

    One of the primary goals was to address Web-scale, a scale-out architecture, so that your customer experiences (across all digital devices) can be optimized and maximized. New options for scalability and performance are now available and these can be implemented according to your business requirements, allowing you to plan the long-term success of your digital marketing engagements.

    But let's start from the beginning...

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